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JoCo Cruise Crazy Superfriends 01.16.2011

See the video that won the JoCo Cruise Crazy Video Madness contest! It's Jonathan Coulton and friends as animated by Hanna Barbera circa the 1980s.

Sinister 09.25.2010

"Sinister" will premiere at the Utopia Film Festival (October 28-31, 2010) in Greenbelt, Maryland. Meanwhile, visit the "Sinister" page on the Internet Movie Database (IMDB).

The History Job 06.19.2010

This year's entry in the Washington D.C. 48 Hour Film Project is a heist film where Ocean's Eleven meets Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure. And it is now available in a Director's Cut!

Stonehenge 03.23.2010

Team Jabberwocky's Stonehenge is a day-long event where local acting talent gets in front of local filmmaking talent and auditions for whatever there is. This year, Cyclopean Pictures is looking for talent to appear in the 48 Hour Film Project in May and in the short film "Overdrawn," shooting this summer.

48 Hour Film Project 2010 03.23.2010

The 48 Hour Film Project is back in D.C. and Cyclopean Pictures is signed up to participate, armed with a Canon XL2, Final Cut Studio, and boatloads of enthusiasm!

Overdrawn 03.23.2010

In an epic nightmare, a frustrated artist battles literal demons from his daily life that keep him from achieving his dreams. This short film is now in pre-production. Visit the "Overdrawn" page for a sneak peek at storyboards and creature designs.

Visit the 'Overdrawn' Page

Are You the Traitor? 08.19.2009

This ad for the new party game from Looney Labs is now online. Thanks to the cast and crew for enduring heat (costumes) upon heat (campfire) upon heat (June).

Looney Labs Ads 06.09.2009

We will be filming a series of ads for upcoming games from Looney Labs, the creators of Fluxx and IceHouse. The first ad will air in time for the game's debut at the 2009 Origins Game Conference.

48 Hour Film Project 05.03.2009

We participated in the 2009 Washington D.C. 48 Hour Film Project for the first time, and accomplished our two main goals: to actually finish a movie in the alotted 48 hours, and to have fun doing it. The result is the horror film "Execute." Stay tuned for a Director's Cut (not completed in 48 hours) available on DVD with behind the scenes footage.

Master Plan 04.25.2009

As a warm up for the 2009 48 Hour Film Project, we created a music video of The Bobs' song "Fluffy's Master Plan for World Domination." Executive Producer Alex Bradley and Co-Star Renée Camus posed backstage with The Bobs and a replica of Fluffy's prop plan from the video.

Pandora in Production 01.01.2009

Voice actors for the animated feature Pandora recorded dialogue over the busy 2008 holiday season. Production has begun...but it has been moved to the back burner until later this year.