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The History Job (Director's Cut)

Here is the updated edit for our 2010 48 Hour Film. This version restores some dialogue that was cut because a glitch made our film come in over seven minutes, the maximum length allowed. When the glitch was fixed, the film was six minutes or so, but it was too late to add it back in. Plus, the sound is better, the credits have been proofread, and there are new visual effects!

To review: this year we selected a wild card genre: "Heist" or "Historical/Period Piece." The required character was Marco or Muffin Gabbowitz, a person who works with animals. The prop was a horn and the line of dialogue was "Do you think you can do that again?"

One of the possible wild card genres was "Time Travel Movie," and you might guess that we really wanted to draw that one. Neither "Heist" or "Historical Piece" inspired us until we combined the concept as a team of time travelers stealing magical artifacts.

Our first location was "Hippie Hollow," a bit of woods in Greenbelt, Maryland that had a ready-made firepit for our Neolithic priestess and acolytes to dance around. Gina Mai Denn created a whimsical bunny statue that "The Wolf" would substitute for the first magical goddess statue.

The crew then went to the Administration Building on the University of Maryland Campus where Andy Looney sported the absolute worst fake beard ever. Originally this scene was written in Ancient Greek, to be subtitled--which might have worked if we had a week to rehearse. Maybe in the director's cut we'll add Ancient Greek subtitles back in.

For the Victorian scene, we got to use one of our greatest assets, a beautiful ballroom and our vintage dancing friends. It set just the right tone for "The Fist" to disrupt.

Alison Frane built the Sculpey horn and figured out how to attach it to Mikki Barry's very accommodating dog Hobbes (or as she calls him, "Dummy"). We actually got a big "Awwwww!" at the screening for this cutie pie.

Everyone contributed an amazing amount of time and effort to this project, and we had a great time.


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