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JoCo Cruise Crazy Superfriends

This is the winning entry in the JoCo Cruise Crazy Video Madness Contest. The contest asked for entries that were no longer than one minute that would answer the question: "What will happen on JoCo Cruise Crazy?"

The actual answer to that question was possibly even more fun than the one offered by this video.

You may have been there, you may have done that. But did you buy the T-shirt?

I knew exactly what I wanted to do for this project, and I knew it would take me much longer than was worth even the grand prize (although that was $125 of ThinkGeek merchandise). But even though it took me about a month of spare time I found out that doing traditional cell animation is a lot of fun.

In fact, stay tuned...I have a future project in mind that may take the form of an animated quasi-autobiographical blog.