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Pandora 04.25.2009

Pandora is a science fiction movie about an unorthodox genius, snubbed by Earth's elite, who unlocks the secret of travel through hyperspace, allowing multidimensional horrors to invade our universe.

This movie will use computer animation with the help of Lionhead's "The Movies," a game that is half movie studio simulator, and half machinima studio. It allows you to place actors in pre-scripted animated scenes, and shoot them from any angle you want. You can add your own soundtrack and score, as well as customize the look of the actors, the sets, and props.

It is a crime that this game did not sell better; it is a useful tool for beginning filmmakers to tell the stories they want without costing a lot of money.

The dialogue for Pandora is almost all recorded, and the movie is currently in production. When finished it will be a special effects extravaganza with breakneck action, humor, and pathos! (While it's in production we can hype it all we like!)