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"Overdrawn" is a live-action short film about a frustrated artist who literally battles the demons of his daily life in an epic, life-changing nightmare.

This ambitious 10-15 minute film will take the viewer into an artist's vivid subconscious. He struggles against the security of a steady but unfulfilling day job in the form of cable tentacles that trap him at his desk. He is constantly beset by "buts," countless doubts and insecurities in the form of, well, butts. He confronts a faceless suit who hounds him about looming foreclosure on his home. And ultimately he finds the ruined temple of his own ego where he has a chance to reclaim his dwindling self.

"Overdrawn" features a cast of imaginative actors: David Johnson, Eli Sibley and Rebecca Walters. Principal photography has been completed except for a few pickup shots, and footage will shortly be handed over to our sister company Effective Immediately for post-production.

We are still raising funds to cover expenses for costume, prop, and set construction. If you would like to become a part of this production, get a screen credit or earn special awards like signed DVDs, posters, and original production artwork, please contact Alex Bradley and/or contribute through PayPal.

This short film is intended to showcase Cyclopean Pictures' talents to the fullest and to be submitted to accredited film festivals.

Meanwhile, enjoy these production stills from the shoot. As you can probably tell, most of the monsters are missing as they will be added later with CGI and other optical effects. If you want an idea how much work is left in post-production of an effects-heavy film, roll your mouse over the last image in the sequence to see how much needs to be removed from many shots before we can even add a new background.


Overdrawn-Drawing to Forget
Overdrawn-Day Job
Overdrawn-Dreaded Phone Call
Overdrawn-TV dinner
Overdrawn-Miserable in Bed
Overdrawn-Flexible Work Program
Overdrawn-Parking Notice
Overdrawn-Handy With a Knife
Overdrawn-Home Invasion
Overdrawn-Insert Monster Here
Overdrawn-FX shot