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These are the first three chapters of an animated movie serial, set in the post-apocalyptic city of Capitol, built over the nuclear ruins of Washington D.C.

These movies were created using Lionhead's "The Movies," a game that is half movie studio simulator and half machinima tool.

The original series was planned to air in seven installments. It told the stories of three university friends with different ideals, who each reacts differently to a terrorist attack involving them.

The story had its origins in a video game design, where players would become members of different political factions in a futuristic city: a fascist security force, the hacker "Datarchists," acolytes of The Church of Kingdom Come, and so forth. To rise in the ranks of the game, you would perform political "statements" from spreading grafitti propaganda to bombing factories or even escalating the fight to create mass casualties.

The idea in the game, and this movie, was to look at terrorism from every angle, and to work out for yourself what the best course of action is. Is a "War on Terror" the best answer? Or is diplomacy always better? CAPITOL now exists as a pilot screenplay for a television series.


CAPITOL: Initiation
CAPITOL: Manifesto